Molecular mechanisms in Behçet’s disease
BJO at a glance
Corneal fibrotic wound repair
What is the cost of blindness?
In the search for stereopsis
Efficacy and safety of ketotifen eye drops in the treatment of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis
Penetrating keratoplasty in children: visual and graft outcome
Management of acute ulcerative and necrotising herpes simplex and zoster keratitis with amniotic membrane transplantation
The lighter side
Automated identification of diabetic retinal exudates in digital colour images
Carbonic anhydrase gene 12 is overexpressed in glaucoma
Tumour angiogenesis as a prognostic factor for disease dissemination in retinoblastoma
Defining and measuring treatment outcome in unilateral amblyopia
Video reports
Development of a clinically feasible logMAR alternative to the Snellen chart: performance of the “compact reduced logMAR” visual acuity chart in amblyopic children
A randomised clinical trial comparing 2% econazole and 5% natamycin for the treatment of fungal keratitis
Ciprofloxacin susceptibility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from keratitis
Influence of LASIK on scanning laser polarimetric measurement of the retinal nerve fibre layer with fixed angle and customised corneal polarisation compensation
The lighter side
A population based case-control study of cataract and inhaled corticosteroids
A two centre study of the dose-response relation for transscleral diode laser cyclophotocoagulation in refractory glaucoma
Comparison of two reference standards in validating two field mydriatic digital photography as a method of screening for diabetic retinopathy
T-bet expression is upregulated in active Behçet’s disease
Interocular amplitude differences of the full field electroretinogram in normal subjects
Characterisation of corneal fibrotic wound repair at the LASIK flap margin
Albumin as a tear supplement in the treatment of severe dry eye
Anterior scleral canal geometry in pressurised (IOP 10) and non-pressurised (IOP 0) normal monkey eyes
Frizzled 4 gene (FZD4) mutations in patients with familial exudative vitreoretinopathy with variable expressivity
Multifixation campimetry on line: a perimeter for the detection of visual field loss using the internet
Peter Wright, FRCS FRCP FRCOPHTHb 7 September 1932, d 26 May 2003
Case of acute zonal occult outer retinopathy with altitudinal hemianopsia
Congenital optic nerve head pit associated with reduced retinal nerve fibre thickness at the papillomacular bundle
Ocular ischaemic syndrome in thyroid eye disease, confirmed using magnetic resonance angiography
Silicone oil in diabetic vitrectomy
Silicone oil in diabetic vitrectomy
Primary scleral buckle placement during repair of posterior segment open globe injuries
Primary scleral buckle placement during repair of posterior segment open globe injuries
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