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Otago Glaucoma Surgery Outcome Study: long term results of cataract extraction combined with Molteno implant insertion or trabeculectomy in primary glaucoma
Association between posterior uveal melanoma and iris freckles, iris naevi, and choroidal naevi
Association between choroidal pigmentation and posterior uveal melanoma in a white population
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Bioavailability of fluorescein from a new drug delivery system in human eyes
Flicker observation light induces diameter response in retinal arterioles: a clinical methodological study
Variation associated with measurement of retinal vessel diameters at different points in the pulse cycle
Eccentricity and measurement variability and repeatability with the retinal thickness analyser
Cyclic esotropia and the treatment of over-elevation in adduction and V-pattern
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Investigation of crystallin genes in familial cataract, and report of two disease associated mutations
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Randomised controlled trial comparing the effect of brimonidine and timolol on visual field loss after acute primary angle closure
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Retinal vessel wall signs and the 5 year incidence of age related maculopathy: the Blue Mountains Eye Study
Autologous peripheral retinal pigment epithelium translocation in patients with subfoveal neovascular membranes
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