BJO at a glance
Is it time to call time on the scleral buckle?
Orbital steroid injections
Look before you leap
Visual and ocular findings in children adopted from eastern Europe
Gender equity and trichiasis surgery in the Vietnam and Tanzania national trachoma control programmes
Video reports
Management of primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment with inferior breaks
Vitrectomy and gas for inferior break retinal detachments: are the results comparable to vitrectomy, gas, and scleral buckle?
Treatment of thyroid associated ophthalmopathy with periocular injections of triamcinolone
The Lighter Side
Optotype acuity and re-operation rate after unilateral cataract surgery during the first 6 months of life with or without IOL implantation
Persistency and treatment failure in newly diagnosed open angle glaucoma patients in the United Kingdom
The effect of corneal thickness on intraocular pressure measurement in patients with corneal pathology
The fellow eye of patients with phakic rhegmatogenous retinal detachment from atrophic holes of lattice degeneration without posterior vitreous detachment
Reduction of ocular muscle power by splitting of the rectus muscle I: Biomechanics
Reduction of ocular muscle torque by splitting of the rectus muscle II: Technique and results
Photodynamic therapy of circumscribed choroidal haemangioma
An ultrasound based classification of periocular haemangiomas
Epiphora as a side effect of topical mitomycin C
Mitomycin C for pterygium: long term evaluation
Ophthalmological manifestations in segmental neurofibromatosis type 1
Incremental nature of anterior eye grading scales determined by objective image analysis
Silicone oil concentrates fibrogenic growth factors in the retro-oil fluid
Enhanced low vision rehabilitation for people with age related macular degeneration: a randomised controlled trial
Use of polyurethane with sustained release dexamethasone in delayed adjustable strabismus surgery
Neuro-ophthalmological disorders in HIV infected subjects with neurological manifestations
Dynamic molecular resolution imaging of preocular fluid impressions
Autologous serum eye drops for ocular surface disorders
Norrie disease and peripheral venous insufficiency
Count and size of macular drusen correlated with the parafoveal annular reflex
Spontaneous bilateral giant tears of the retinal pigment epithelium
Ocular findings as a presenting sign of hydroa vacciniforme
An unusual strategy for fixation in a patient with bilateral advanced age related macular disease
Potential complications of phakic IOLs
ABC of Eyes, 4th ed.
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