BJO at a glance
Self assessed benefit of cataract extraction
Intravitreal triamcinolone therapy for diabetic macular oedema
A revolution in Welsh low vision service provision
With a little help from my friends…
Cataract surgical coverage and barriers to uptake of cataract surgery in leprosy villages of north eastern Nigeria
Follow up of patients with ocular scarring secondary to LOC syndrome treated by amniotic membrane transplantation
“Finger-tip” cryotherapy probes: treatment of squamous and melanocytic conjunctival neoplasia
Video reports
The Finger iridectomy technique: small incision biopsy of anterior segment tumours
Ultrasound biomicroscopy: role in diagnosis and management in 130 consecutive patients evaluated for anterior segment tumours
Imaging of osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis by electron beam tomography
Systemic hypertension and glaucoma: mechanisms in common and co-occurrence
A study of the relation between body mass index and the incidence of age related macular degeneration
Correlation of optical coherence tomography, with or without additional colour fundus photography, with stereo fundus fluorescein angiography in diagnosing choroidal neovascular membranes
An evaluation of the change in activity and workload arising from diabetic ophthalmology referrals following the introduction of a community based digital retinal photographic screening programme
Multifocal ERG in ethambutol associated visual loss
Lateral rectus muscle disinsertion and reattachment to the lateral orbital wall
Progressive restrictive strabismus acquired in infancy
Gorlin syndrome: the PTCH gene links ocular developmental defects and tumour formation
Eyelid basal cell carcinoma: non-Mohs excision, repair, and outcome
Unregistered visual impairment: is registration a failing system?
Dosage dependency of intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide as treatment for diabetic macular oedema
Comparison of retinal nerve fibre layer thickness and visual field loss between different glaucoma groups
Central corneal thickness and progression of the visual field and optic disc in glaucoma
Are cytokine gene polymorphisms associated with outcome in patients with idiopathic intermediate uveitis in the United Kingdom?
Duration of self assessed benefit of cataract extraction: a long term study
Effects of combined cataract surgery and trabeculectomy with mitomycin C on ocular dimensions
Improved visualisation of choroidal neovascularisation by scanning laser ophthalmoscope using image averaging
Clinical evaluation of frequency doubling technology perimetry using the Humphrey Matrix 24-2 threshold strategy
Systolodiastolic variations of blood flow during central retinal vein occlusion: exploration by dynamic angiography
Effect of tranexamic acid on early postvitrectomy diabetic haemorrhage; a randomised clinical trial
Visual functioning and quality of life in the SubFoveal Radiotherapy Study (SFRADS): SFRADS report 2
In vivo evaluation of ocular inflammatory responses in experimental diabetes
Optic disc topographic parameters measured in the normal cynomolgus monkey by confocal scanning laser tomography
Macular degeneration associated with a novel Treacher Collins tcof1 mutation and evaluation of this mutation in age related macular degeneration
Bilateral ischaemic retinal vasculopathy in scleroderma
An Arg311Gln NR2E3 mutation in a family with classic Goldmann-Favre syndrome
IVF babies with ROP at higher gestational age and birth weight: implications of changing screening criteria
A novel mutation in the RDS gene in an Italian family with pattern dystrophy
Preventing exposure keratopathy in the critically ill: a prospective study comparing eye care regimes
Ethmoidal sinus mucocele: an unusual cause of acquired Brown syndrome
Ocular presentation of the SAPHO syndrome
Management of Cataracts and Glaucoma
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