BJO at a glance
Tackling the greatest challenge in cataract surgery
Periorbital haemangiomas
Monovision slows myopia progression
No end in sight
Outcomes of high volume cataract surgeries in a developing country
Characteristics of trichiasis patients presenting for surgery in rural Ethiopia
Asymptomatic uveitis follows JIA into adulthood
Visual acuity in northern China in an urban and rural population: the Beijing Eye Study
Variability in the content of Indian generic ciprofloxacin eye drops
ROP claims sight needlessly
Topical ocular antibiotics induce bacterial resistance at extraocular sites
A new donor cornea harvesting technique for posterior lamellar keratoplasty
Video reports
Outcomes of referrals by community optometrists to a hospital glaucoma service
Macular pigment levels following successful macular hole surgery
Outcomes after combination photodynamic therapy and immunosuppression for inflammatory subfoveal choroidal neovascularisation
Comparison of different techniques for purification of triamcinolone acetonide suspension for intravitreal use
Genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity in pattern dystrophy
Intermittent exotropia increasing with near fixation: a “soft” sign of neurological disease
Management of childhood epiphora
Further validation of the Daily Living Tasks Dependent on Vision: identification of domains
Abnormal prion protein in the retina of the most commonly occurring subtype of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Corticosteroid treatment of periorbital haemangioma of infancy: a review of the evidence
Enhanced corneal compensation for scanning laser polarimetry on eyes with atypical polarisation pattern
The role of case mix in the relation of volume and outcome in phacoemulsification
Minimally invasive, direct, real time measurement of drug concentration in the anterior eye
Trypan blue identifies antimetabolite treatment area in trabeculectomy
Baseline IOP predicts selective laser trabeculoplasty success at 1 year post-treatment: results from a randomised clinical trial
Quality of life and visual function in patients with intermediate uveitis
The relation between C reactive protein and age related macular degeneration in the Cardiovascular Health Study
A case control study of age related macular degeneration and use of statins
Vitrectomy with short term postoperative tamponade using perfluorocarbon liquid for giant retinal tears
Vitrectomy and gas tamponade without internal limiting membrane peeling for myopic foveoschisis
Optical coherence tomography guided retreatment of photodynamic therapy
Retinal tolerance to dyes
Impact of simulated light scatter on scanning laser Doppler flowmetry
Monovision slows juvenile myopia progression unilaterally
Periocular keratoacanthoma: can we always rely on the clinical diagnosis?
Influence of format on in vitro penetration of antibody fragments through porcine cornea
En face optical coherence tomography: a new method to analyse structural changes of the optic nerve head in rat glaucoma
Effects of celecoxib in human retinoblastoma cell lines and in a transgenic murine model of retinoblastoma
Treatment of biopsy proved conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia with topical interferon alfa-2b
Henoch-Schonlein purpura with keratitis and granulomatous anterior uveitis
Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma of the eyelid: a report of two cases
Nylon paper: an alternative to cellulose acetate paper for use in conjunctival impression cytology
“C-scan” ultrasound imaging of optic nerve extension of retinoblastoma
Non-cicatricial upper eyelid ectropion
Sub-Tenon’s block versus topical anaesthesia for cataract surgery
Patient satisfaction with anaesthesia comparing sub-Tenon’s block and topical anaesthesia
Cataract surgery and IOP
Normal tension glaucoma
Vision restoration therapy
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