BJO at a glance
Uncorrected refractive error
Mozart in AVF testing
How does visual acuity change over time in adults with high myopia?
How blinding is pathological myopia?
The approach to bilateral simultaneous isolated optic neuritis
The changing face of leprosy
Exfoliation and carotid stiffness
“Sight for more eyes”
The best of a bad situation
Uncorrected refractive errors and spectacle utilisation rate in Tehran: the unmet need
Prevalence and causes of blindness and visual impairment in Muyuka: a rural health district in South West Province, Cameroon
Improved automated perimetry performance following exposure to Mozart
Visual outcomes for high myopic patients with or without myopic maculopathy: a 10 year follow up study
Clinical profile of simultaneous bilateral optic neuritis in adults
Optical coherence tomography to monitor photodynamic therapy in pathological myopia
Visual function and quality of life following vitrectomy and epiretinal membrane peel surgery
Increase of carotid artery stiffness and decrease of baroreflex sensitivity in exfoliation syndrome and glaucoma
Incidence of ocular morbidity among multibacillary leprosy patients during a 2 year course of multidrug therapy
Comparison of a non-preserved 0.1% T-Gel eye gel (single dose unit) with a preserved 0.1% T-Gel eye gel (multidose) in ocular hypertension and glaucomatous patients
Agreement between optometrists and ophthalmologists on clinical management decisions for patients with glaucoma
Star testing: a novel evaluation of intraocular lens optical quality
Impact of age related macular degeneration on quality of life
Prevalence and associations of anisometropia and aniso-astigmatism in a population based sample of 6 year old children
Adult xanthogranulomatous disease of the orbit and ocular adnexa: new immunohistochemical findings and clinical review
The in vitro activity of selected defensins against an isolate of Pseudomonas in the presence of human tears
Overexpression of IL-8 in the cornea induces ulcer formation in the SCID mouse
High density lipoprotein mediated lipid efflux from retinal pigment epithelial cells in culture
An experimental study of the elastic properties of the human Bruch’s membrane-choroid complex: relevance to ageing
Video reports
The management of retinal vein occlusion: is interventional ophthalmology the way forward?
The future of glaucoma clinics
Papilloedema secondary to otitic hydrocephalus
Diagnosis of Treponema pallidum in vitreous samples using real time polymerase chain reaction
Viscogonioplasty in patients with chronic narrow angle glaucoma
Acanthamoeba detection in the anterior chamber
Choriocarcinoma metastatic to the choroid
Spontaneous resolution of retinoschisis and consequent development of retinal detachment in highly myopic eye
Congenital stationary night blindness associated with mutations in GRM6 encoding glutamate receptor MGluR6
Metastastic choriocarcinoma causing cavernous sinus syndrome
Primary posterior continuous capsulorhexis; a new technique
Infectious crystalline keratopathy associated with intravitreal and posterior sub-Tenon triamcinolone acetonide injections
HLA typing of a Hong Kong Chinese family with intermediate uveitis
Congenital iris ectropion as an indicator of variant aniridia
Fourth time lucky: a case of multiple recurrence of a macular hole
Vision restoration therapy and raising red flags too early
The role of Mohs excision in periocular basal cell carcinoma
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