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Soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (VEGFR)-2 in macular oedema—a mechanism for regulating angiogenesis?
Characterisation of keratoconus
Decoding eyes in the Code of Hammurabi
CATT : Into the eye of a tiger
Geographic variations in microbial keratitis : an analysis of the peer-reviewed literature
The chemistry of retinal transplantation : the influence of polymer scaffold properties on retinal cell adhesion and control
The impact of diabetic retinopathy : understanding the patient's perspective
Evaluation of distribution of presbyopic correction through primary healthcare centres in Zanzibar, East Africa
Role of soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 in macular oedema with central retinal vein occlusion
Air-pulse corneal applanation signal curve parameters for the characterisation of keratoconus
Central macular thickness is correlated with gestational age at birth in prematurely born children
Reproducibility of high-resolution optical coherence tomography measurements of the nerve fibre layer with the new Heidelberg Spectralis optical coherence tomography
Phenotypic variability in patients with retinal dystrophies due to mutations in CRB1
Change in optic nerve head topography in healthy volunteers : an 11-year follow-up
Cerebrospinal fluid dynamics between the basal cisterns and the subarachnoid space of the optic nerve in patients with papilloedema
Agreement of visual field interpretation among glaucoma specialists and comprehensive ophthalmologists : comparison of time and methods
A new algorithm for automated nystagmus acuity function analysis
Analgesic effect of supplemental intracameral lidocaine during phacoemulsification under topical anaesthesia : a randomised controlled trial
Validation of a fornix depth measurer : a putative tool for the assessment of progressive cicatrising conjunctivitis
Association of tear proteins with Meibomian gland disease and dry eye symptoms
Expression of HSP 90, PTEN and Bcl-2 in conjunctival melanoma
Prostaglandin E2 suppresses polyinosine–polycytidylic acid (polyI : C)-stimulated cytokine production via prostaglandin E2 receptor (EP) 2 and 3 in human conjunctival epithelial cells
The neonatal Fc receptor is expressed by human retinal pigment epithelial cells and is downregulated by tumour necrosis factor-alpha
Toxicological evaluation of preservative-containing and preservative-free topical prostaglandin analogues on a three-dimensional-reconstituted corneal epithelium system
Interlamellar cohesion after corneal crosslinking using riboflavin and ultraviolet A light
Mutation spectrum of Fork-Head Transcriptional Factor Gene (FOXL2) in Indian Blepharophimosis Ptosis Epicanthus Inversus Syndrome (BPES) patients
Never too old to harbour a young man's disease?
Bilateral diffuse uveal melanocytic proliferation associated with the recurrence of a Bartholin gland carcinoma
Imiquimod can be combined with cryosurgery (immunocryosurgery) for locally advanced periocular basal cell carcinomas
Reply to Papanikolaou et al
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Preventing endophthalmitis after cataract surgeries
The efficacy of oral ivermectin for the treatment of chronic blepharitis in patients tested positive for Demodex spp.
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