Highlights from this issue
Atopic keratoconjunctivitis : present day diagnosis
Eyes through Bader's Eyes (Charles Bader 1825–1899)
An historical ophthalmic study of Jane Austen
Ethambutol-induced optic neuropathy : a nationwide population-based study from Taiwan
A clinical and molecular genetics study of primary congenital glaucoma in South Korea
Non-aspiration technique to induce posterior vitreous detachment in minimum incision vitrectomy system
Lid-parallel conjunctival folds (LIPCOF) and dry eye : a multicentre study
Errors in neuroretinal rim measurement by Cirrus high-definition optical coherence tomography in myopic eyes
Ophthalmological factors influencing visual asthenopia as a result of viewing 3D displays
Long-term visual outcomes following lens-sparing vitrectomy for retinopathy of prematurity
Endoscope-assisted pars plana vitrectomy in severe ocular trauma
Ultrastructural and clinical evidence of subretinal debris accumulation in type 2 macular telangiectasia
Resolution of subretinal fluid with systemic corticosteroid treatment in acute Vogt–Koyanagi–Harada disease
Uveal melanoma in England : trends over time and geographical variation
Glaucoma discrimination of segmented cirrus spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) macular scans
Comparison of aqueous concentrations of angiogenic and inflammatory cytokines in diabetic macular oedema and macular oedema due to branch retinal vein occlusion
Characterisation of mouse limbal neurosphere cells : a potential cell source of functional neurons
Mind the gap!
The ‘up–down’ sign of acute ocular surface drug toxicity
Natamycin and voriconazole in Fusarium and Aspergillus keratitis : subgroup analysis of a randomised controlled trial
Tear film inflammatory mediators during continuous wear of contact lenses and corneal refractive therapy
Optical coherence tomography-guided intracameral air injection for treatment of extensive Descemet's membrane detachment
Choroidal nevi in adult Indians : The Central India Eye and Medical Study
Role of 3T diffusion tensor imaging in glaucoma
Google-based search of common blinding diseases : a reflection of public concerns