Resolution of subretinal fluid with systemic corticosteroid treatment in acute Vogt–Koyanagi–Harada disease

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BackgroundTo evaluate the correlation of subretinal fluid height with visual acuity (VA) in patients with acute Vogt–Koyanagi–Harada disease (VKH).MethodsClinical information, fundus photographs and spectral domain optical coherence tomography scans from sequential visits of patients with acute VKH treated with oral corticosteroids were analysed. Subretinal fluid (SRF) height and retinal thickness were measured at the fovea. The association between VA and SRF height was evaluated by Spearman correlation analysis.ResultsA total of 12 eyes from 6 consecutive patients were included. SRF height measured 824±508 µm (range 45–1900 µm) at presentation. SRF height correlated with simultaneously measured VA. Initial SRF height did not correlate with resolution time and final VA. Resolution of SRF was attained in 36±24 days (range 10–80 days). The presence of choroidal folds (eight eyes) and multifocal retinal detachment (eight eyes) at presentation correlated with lower initial VA but not with the interval to SRF resolution or with VA at 3-month follow-up.ConclusionsSerous retinal detachment resolved in 36±24 days in patients with acute VKH treated with oral corticosteroids. SRF height correlates with VA measured at the same time. The initial SRF, no matter how elevated, does not correlate with VA at 3 months after presentation.

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