Highlights from this issue
Paediatric intraocular lens placement
Are preservatives necessary to improve efficacy of some glaucoma drops?
The amblyoscope that was ‘Worth’ it
Different antivascular endothelial growth factor treatments and regimens and their outcomes in neovascular age-related macular degeneration
Novel air-injection technique to locate the medial cut end of lacerated canaliculus
Twenty-four hour efficacy with preservative free tafluprost compared with latanoprost in patients with primary open angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension
Refractive outcomes and prediction error following secondary intraocular lens implantation in children
Ocular surface squamous neoplasia
Prospective study of sentinel lymph node biopsy for conjunctival melanoma
Outcome of smooth surface tunnel porous polyethylene orbital implants (Medpor SST) in children with retinoblastoma
Pars plana vitrectomy to repair retinal detachment following brachytherapy for uveal melanoma
Pupillographic evaluation of relative afferent pupillary defect in glaucoma patients
Diagnostic ability of a new method for measuring haemoglobin levels in the optic nerve head in multiple sclerosis patients
Development of a quality improvement program in a department of ophthalmology
Comparison of three-dimensional optical coherence tomography and combining a rotating Scheimpflug camera with a Placido topography system for forme fruste keratoconus diagnosis
Clinical evaluation of a multifocal aspheric diffractive intraocular lens
Capsular bag stability and posterior capsule opacification of a plate-haptic design microincision cataract surgery intraocular lens
Association of blood and ocular perfusion pressure with structural glaucomatous progression by flicker chronoscopy
Why do people present late with advanced glaucoma? A qualitative interview study
Mortality and hospital morbidity of working-age blind
All biometric components are important in anisometropia, not just axial length
Relationship between ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer and optic disc/retinal nerve fibre layer parameters in non-glaucomatous eyes
Involvement of HMGB1 mediated signalling pathway in diabetic retinopathy
Angiographically documented transient monocular blindness
Central serous chorioretinopathy in a 91-year-old woman
Endophthalmitis following intravitreal anti-VEGF injections in ambulatory surgical centre facility
Authors’ response
Cluster of Urrets-Zavalia syndrome
Periocular basal cell carcinoma pathological reporting
Retinal thickness and visual acuity in highly myopic eyes