Highlights from this issue
Uveal melanoma hepatic metastases mutation spectrum analysis using targeted next-generation sequencing of 400 cancer genes
A systematic review of the effectiveness of treatments in altering the natural history of intermittent exotropia
Overexpression of CD163 in vitreous and fibrovascular membranes of patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy
Expression of CDC25A and CDC25B phosphatase proteins in human retinoblastoma and its correlation with clinicopathological parameters
Autologous blood versus fibrin glue for conjunctival autograft adherence in sutureless pterygium surgery
Topical brinzolamide (Azopt) versus placebo in the treatment of infantile nystagmus syndrome (INS)
Correlation between the histological features of corneal surface pannus following ocular surface burns and the final outcome of cultivated limbal epithelial transplantation
Correlations among ocular surface temperature difference value, the tear meniscus height, Schirmer's test and fluorescein tear film break up time
A TULP1 founder mutation, p.Gln301*, underlies a recognisable congenital rod–cone dystrophy phenotype on the Arabian Peninsula
Assessment of choroidal thickness before and after steep Trendelenburg position using swept-source optical coherence tomography
Comparing focal and global responses on multifocal electroretinogram with retinal nerve fibre layer thickness by spectral domain optical coherence tomography in glaucoma
Relationship between retinal microstructures and visual acuity after cataract surgery in patients with retinitis pigmentosa
Thyroid eye disease
Agreement among graders on Heidelberg retina tomograph (HRT) topographic change analysis (TCA) glaucoma progression interpretation
Associations between primary open angle glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia
Ophthalmological manifestations in patients with Leigh syndrome
Mobile app reading speed test
Simulation contact lenses for AMD health state utility values in NICE appraisals
Advising patients on visual fitness to drive
Enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomography of congenital cavitary optic disc anomaly (CODA)
The effect of rectus muscle recession, resection and plication on anterior segment circulation in humans
All-trans-retinoic acid inhibition of transforming growth factor-β-induced collagen gel contraction mediated by human Tenon fibroblasts
Specific association of IL17A genetic variants with panuveitis
Novel CNGA3 mutations in Chinese patients with achromatopsia