Highlights from this issue
The cataract situation in Suriname : an effective intervention programme to increase the cataract surgical rate in a developing country
Study of Optimal Perimetric Testing In Children (OPTIC) : development and feasibility of the kinetic perimetry reliability measure (KPRM)
Intraoperative aberrometry-based aphakia refraction in patients with cataract : status and options
Clinical outcomes of amniotic membrane transplantation in the management of acute ocular chemical injury
Trends in antibiotic resistance in bacterial keratitis isolates from South India
The effect of topical application of 0.15% ganciclovir gel on cytomegalovirus corneal endotheliitis
The impact of chronic use of prostaglandin analogues on the biomechanical properties of the cornea in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma
Outcomes of surgical interventions for primary childhood glaucoma in Northern Tanzania
Preoperative characteristics and compliance with follow-up after trabeculectomy surgery in rural southern China
Neuroretinal rim in non-glaucomatous large optic nerve heads : a comparison of confocal scanning laser tomography and spectral domain optical coherence tomography
Bruch's membrane opening changes and lamina cribrosa displacement in non-arteritic anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy
Comparison of structure–function relationship between corresponding retinal nerve fibre layer thickness and Octopus visual field cluster defect values determined by normal and tendency-oriented strategies
Associations between obstructive sleep apnoea, primary open angle glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration : record linkage study
Quantification of retinal layer thickness changes in acute macular neuroretinopathy
Three-month outcome of intravitreal ziv-aflibercept in eyes with diabetic macular oedema
Indocyanine-green-guided targeted laser photocoagulation of capillary macroaneurysms in macular oedema : a pilot study
Quantitative analysis of vitreous inflammation using optical coherence tomography in patients receiving sub-Tenon's triamcinolone acetonide for uveitic cystoid macular oedema
Functional–morphological parameters, aqueous flare and cytokines in macular oedema with branch retinal vein occlusion after ranibizumab
The role of enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomography in chronic Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease
Relationship between macular pigment and visual function in subjects with early age-related macular degeneration
Drusen volume development over time and its relevance to the course of age-related macular degeneration
Endoresection of large uveal melanomas : clinical results in a consecutive series of 200 cases
Incidence of eyelid basal cell carcinoma in England : 2000–2010
Immunopathology and histopathology of conjunctival biopsies in patients with presumed idiopathic punctal stenosis
Does endogenous serum oestrogen play a role in meibomian gland dysfunction in postmenopausal women with dry eye?
Presbyopia compensation : looking for cortical predictors
Patients with more severe symptoms of neuropathic ocular pain report more frequent and severe chronic overlapping pain conditions and psychiatric disease
The association between skin autofluorescence and mean deviation in patients with open-angle glaucoma