Highlights from this issue
Integrating a novel concept of sentence optotypes into the RADNER Reading Charts
Do visually impaired children and their parents agree on the child's vision-related quality of life and functional vision?
Intermittent exotropia with a positive Bielschowsky head-tilt test
Clinical implications of serum IgG4 levels in patients with IgG4-related ophthalmic disease
Incidence of optic canal fracture in the traumatic optic neuropathy and its effect on the visual outcome
In vivo confocal microscopy evaluation of ocular and cutaneous alterations in patients with rosacea
Longitudinal comparison of femtosecond-assisted sub-Bowman keratomileusis versus photorefractive keratectomy for high myopia
Predictors of intraocular pressure change after phacoemulsification in patients with pseudoexfoliation syndrome
Relationship between corneal hysteresis and lamina cribrosa displacement after medical reduction of intraocular pressure
Efficacy of automated computer-aided diagnosis of retinal nerve fibre layer defects in healthcare screening
Comparison of swept-source and enhanced depth imaging spectral-domain optical coherence tomography in quantitative characterisation of the optic nerve head
Baseline retrobulbar blood flow is associated with both functional and structural glaucomatous progression after 4 years
Correlation in retinal nerve fibre layer thickness in uveitis and healthy eyes using scanning laser polarimetry and optical coherence tomography
New appraisals of Kyrieleis plaques : a multimodal imaging study
Treatment of severe chronic ocular graft-versus-host disease using 100% autologous serum eye drops from a sealed manufacturing system : a retrospective cohort study
Dexamethasone intravitreal implant in serpiginous choroiditis
Effectiveness and safety of dexamethasone implants for postsurgical macular oedema including Irvine–Gass syndrome : the EPISODIC-2 study
Age-related macular degeneration in patients with uveitis
Choroidal structure in eyes with drusen and reticular pseudodrusen determined by binarisation of optical coherence tomographic images
Five-year visual acuity outcomes and injection patterns in patients with pro-re-nata treatments for AMD, DME, RVO and myopic CNV
Diurnal variations in luminal and stromal areas of choroid in normal eyes
Treatment of type I ROP with intravitreal bevacizumab or laser photocoagulation according to retinal zone
Prevalence and risk factors for epiretinal membrane : the Singapore Epidemiology of Eye Disease study
Internal limiting membrane translocation for refractory macular holes
T-shaped macular buckling combined with 25G pars plana vitrectomy for macular hole, macular schisis, and macular detachment in highly myopic eyes
In vitro experiment to elucidate the mechanism of the ‘soft shell technique’ for preventing subretinal migration of perfluoro-octane