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Unresponsiveness of mu-opioid receptor knockout mice to lipopolysaccharide-induced fever
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Effects of serum from patients with chronic renal failure on rat hepatic cytochrome P450
The mutation Y1206S increases the affinity of the sulphonylurea receptor SUR2A for glibenclamide and enhances the effects of coexpression with Kir6.2
Muscarinic receptor subtypes in human bladder detrusor and mucosa, studied by radioligand binding and quantitative competitive RT-PCR: changes in ageing
Stimulation of protease-activated receptor-2 inhibits airway eosinophilia, hyperresponsiveness and bronchoconstriction in a murine model of allergic inflammation
Effects of diadenosine polyphosphates on glomerular volume
Constitutive activity modulation of human metabotropic glutamate 5a receptors in HEK293 cells: a role for key amino-terminal cysteine residues
Sulfur-containing amino acids block stretch-dependent K+ channels and nitrergic responses in the murine colon