Hydrogen sulphide is a mediator of carrageenan-induced hindpaw oedema in the rat
Mahanine, a carbazole alkaloid from Micromelum minutum , inhibits cell growth and induces apoptosis in U937 cells through a mitochondrial dependent pathway
Regulation of the muscarinic K+ channel by extracellular ATP through membrane phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate in guinea-pig atrial myocytes
Inhibition of TGF- β signaling by an ALK5 inhibitor protects rats from dimethylnitrosamine-induced liver fibrosis
A selective novel low-molecular-weight inhibitor of I κ B kinase- β (IKK- β ) prevents pulmonary inflammation and shows broad anti-inflammatory activity
Characteristics of attenuated endothelium-dependent relaxation seen in rabbit intrapulmonary vein following chronic nitroglycerine administration
The role of nitric oxide synthase in reduced vasocontractile responsiveness induced by prolonged α 1-adrenergic receptor stimulation in rat thoracic aorta
Human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 expresses endogenous A2B adenosine receptors mediating a Ca2+ signal
Muscarinic receptor binding, plasma concentration and inhibition of salivation after oral administration of a novel antimuscarinic agent, solifenacin succinate in mice
Design and characterization of a new cell-permeant inhibitor of the β -secretase BACE1
Curcumin modulation of Na,K-ATPase: phosphoenzyme accumulation, decreased K+ occlusion, and inhibition of hydrolytic activity
NF- κ B plays a major role during the systemic and local acute inflammatory response following intestinal reperfusion injury
Binding of a highly potent protease-activated receptor-2 (PAR2) activating peptide, [3H]2-furoyl-LIGRL-NH2, to human PAR2
Two distinct pathways account for EDHF-dependent dilatation in the gracilis artery of dyslipidaemic hApoB+/+ mice