Mast cell involvement in the adenosine mediated airway hyper-reactivity in a murine model of ovalbumin-induced lung inflammation
Atorvastatin reverses age-related reduction in rat hepatic PPAR α and HNF-4
Modulation of mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake by estrogen receptor agonists and antagonists
Sympathoadrenal-dependent sexually dimorphic effect of nonhabituating stress on in vivo neutrophil recruitment in the rat
Amiloride protects against pentylenetetrazole-induced kindling in mice
Inhibition of fatty acid amide hydrolase and monoacylglycerol lipase by the anandamide uptake inhibitor VDM11: evidence that VDM11 acts as an FAAH substrate
Benzodiazepine modulation of partial agonist efficacy and spontaneously active GABAA receptors supports an allosteric model of modulation
Lipids modulate ligand binding to sulphonylurea receptors
Structural features of phenol derivatives determining potency for activation of chloride currents via α 1 homomeric and α 1 β heteromeric glycine receptors
Heteroactivation of cytochrome P450 1A1 by teas and tea polyphenols
Flavonols inhibit proinflammatory mediator release, intracellular calcium ion levels and protein kinase C theta phosphorylation in human mast cells
Anticonvulsant enaminones depress excitatory synaptic transmission in the rat brain by enhancing extracellular GABA levels
Modulation of Ca2+-dependent and Ca2+-independent miniature endplate potentials by phorbol ester and adenosine in frog
Key roles of hydrophobic rings of TM2 in gating of the α 9 α 10 nicotinic cholinergic receptor
Opioid antagonists differ according to negative intrinsic efficacy in a mouse model of acute dependence
The KCa channel as a trigger for the cardioprotection induced by kappa-opioid receptor stimulation - its relationship with protein kinase C
Metabolic and vascular actions of endothelin-1 are inhibited by insulin-mediated vasodilation in perfused rat hindlimb muscle
Biphasic neurogenic vasodilatation in the bovine intraocular long posterior ciliary artery: involvement of nitric oxide and an additional unidentified neurotransmitter