The Quintiles Prize Lecture 2004: The identification of the adenosine A2B receptor as a novel therapeutic target in asthma
Caveolin-1 gene knockout impairs nitrergic function in mouse small intestine
APT070 (Mirococept), a membrane-localised complement inhibitor, inhibits inflammatory responses that follow intestinal ischaemia and reperfusion injury
Effect of oral administration of zanapezil (TAK-147) for 21 days on acetylcholine and monoamines levels in the ventral hippocampus of freely moving rats
New positron emission tomography tracer [11C]carvedilol reveals P-glycoprotein modulation kinetics
Differing mechanisms of leukocyte recruitment and sensitivity to conditioning by shear stress for endothelial cells treated with tumour necrosis factor- α or interleukin-1 β
Mast cell-derived tumour necrosis factor- α mediates macrophage inflammatory protein-2-induced recruitment of neutrophils in mice
Glibenclamide depletes ATP in renal proximal tubular cells by interfering with mitochondrial metabolism
4-Amino-5-benzoyl-2-(4-methoxyphenylamino)thiazole (DAT1): a cytotoxic agent towards cancer cells and a probe for tubulin-microtubule system
Cellular responses to nicotinic receptor activation are decreased after prolonged exposure to galantamine in human neuroblastoma cells
Characterisation of cell-penetrating peptide-mediated peptide delivery
Inhibition of the cdk5/MEF2 pathway is involved in the antiapoptotic properties of calpain inhibitors in cerebellar neurons
Everolimus treatment downregulates renocortical cyclooxygenase-2 expression in the rat kidney
Hydrogen sulfide causes vanilloid receptor 1-mediated neurogenic inflammation in the airways
A Ser/Thr cluster within the C-terminal domain of the rat prostaglandin receptor EP3 α is essential for agonist-induced phosphorylation, desensitization and internalization
Dual regulation of myofilament Ca 2+ sensitivity by levosimendan in normal and acidotic conditions in aequorin-loaded canine ventricular myocardium
Distinct mixtures of muscarinic receptor subtypes mediate inhibition of noradrenaline release in different mouse peripheral tissues, as studied with receptor knockout mice
Therapeutic targeting of CCR1 attenuates established chronic fungal asthma in mice