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Therapeutic manipulation of glucocorticoid metabolism in cardiovascular disease
Role of nitrosative stress in the pathogenesis of diabetic vascular dysfunction
Re-sensitization of neuropeptide receptors
Endothelin-converting enzyme 1 promotes re-sensitization of neurokinin 1 receptor-dependent neurogenic inflammation
Inhibition of human recombinant T-type calcium channels by the endocannabinoid N -arachidonoyl dopamine
Anti-apoptotic effects of protein kinase C-δ and c-fos in cisplatin-treated thyroid cells
Modelling of α1-adrenoceptor-mediated temporal dynamics of inotropic response in rat heart to assess ligand binding and signal transduction parameters
Low-dose oral sirolimus reduces atherogenesis, vascular inflammation and modulates plaque composition in mice lacking the LDL receptor
Modulation of gap junctions by nitric oxide contributes to the anti-arrhythmic effect of sodium nitroprusside?
Ca2+-calmodulin can activate and inactivate cardiac ryanodine receptors
In vivo and in vitro pharmacological characterization of SVT-40776, a novel M3 muscarinic receptor antagonist, for the treatment of overactive bladder
Effects of nitric oxide on neutrophil influx depends on the tissue
The role of PKA and PKCε pathways in prostaglandin E2-mediated hypernociception
Prostaglandin E2 induces contraction of liver myofibroblasts by activating EP3 and FP prostanoid receptors
The integrin α2β1 agonist, aggretin, promotes proliferation and migration of VSMC through NF-kB translocation and PDGF production
Diadenosine pentaphosphate is a potent activator of cardiac ryanodine receptors revealing a novel high-affinity binding site for adenine nucleotides
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Notice of Retraction