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Advances in histamine pharmacology reveal new drug targets
Structural features of mammalian histidine decarboxylase reveal the basis for specific inhibition
Molecular and biochemical pharmacology of the histamine H4 receptor
The role of histamine H4 receptor in immune and inflammatory disorders
Pharmacological characterization of the new histamine H4 receptor agonist VUF 8430
In vitro and in vivo characterization of A-940894
The histamine H4 receptor is functionally expressed on neurons in the mammalian CNS
Marked changes in signal transduction upon heteromerization of dopamine D1 and histamine H3 receptors
Histamine H1 receptor blockade predominantly impairs sensory processes in human sensorimotor performance
Histamine H1 receptor knockout mice exhibit impaired spatial memory in the eight-arm radial maze
Effects of L-histidine depletion and L-tyrosine/L-phenylalanine depletion on sensory and motor processes in healthy volunteers
Differential effects of acute and repeat dosing with the H3 antagonist GSK189254 on the sleep–wake cycle and narcoleptic episodes in Ox−/− mice
Altered histamine H3 receptor radioligand binding in post-mortem brain samples from subjects with psychiatric diseases
Characterization of histamine H3 receptors in Alzheimer's Disease brain and amyloid over-expressing TASTPM mice
Use of the H3 receptor antagonist radioligand [3H]-A-349821 to reveal in vivo receptor occupancy of cognition enhancing H3 receptor antagonists