Headache–type adverse effects of NO donors
Glycosidated phospholipids
Neutral endopeptidase inhibition
UK–414,495, a selective inhibitor of neutral endopeptidase, potentiates pelvic nerve–stimulated increases in female genital blood flow in the anaesthetized rabbit
Predicting drug–induced slowing of conduction and pro–arrhythmia
Spironolactone and hydrochlorothiazide exert antioxidant effects and reduce vascular matrix metalloproteinase–2 activity and expression in a model of renovascular hypertension
Amitriptyline does not block the action of ATP at human P2X4 receptor
Caspase–3 knock–down reverses contractile dysfunction induced by sepsis in adult rat ventricular myocytes
Expression and functional role of adenosine receptors in regulating inflammatory responses in human synoviocytes
β–Adrenoceptor stimulation potentiates insulin–stimulated PKB phosphorylation in rat cardiomyocytes via cAMP and PKA
Structurally diverse amphiphiles exhibit biphasic modulation of GABAA receptors
Effects of the calcium sensitizer OR–1896, a metabolite of levosimendan, on post–infarct heart failure and cardiac remodelling in diabetic Goto–Kakizaki rats
Rapid brain penetration of interleukin–1 receptor antagonist in rat cerebral ischaemia
Bisphenol A activates Maxi–K (KCa1.1) channels in coronary smooth muscle
The melanocortin MC1 receptor agonist BMS–470539 inhibits leucocyte trafficking in the inflamed vasculature