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The protective effect of tianeptine on Gp120-induced apoptosis in astroglial cells: role of GS and NOS, and NF-κB suppression
CCAAT/ enhancer-binding protein β activation by capsaicin contributes to the regulation of CYP1A1 expression, mediated by the aryl hydrocarbon receptor
Light modulation, not choroidal vasomotor action, is a regulator of refractive compensation to signed optical blur
Pharmacological characterization of GSK1004723, a novel, long-acting antagonist at histamine H1 and H3 receptors
The thienotriazolodiazepine Ro 11-1464 increases plasma apoA-I and promotes reverse cholesterol transport in human apoA-I transgenic mice
The selective anandamide transport inhibitor VDM11 attenuates reinstatement of nicotine seeking behaviour, but does not affect nicotine intake
5α-Reduced glucocorticoids exhibit dissociated anti-inflammatory and metabolic effects
COX-2 and fatty acid amide hydrolase can regulate the time course of depolarization-induced suppression of excitation
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