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Functional role of T-type calcium channels in tumour growth and progression: prospective in cancer therapy
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Epithelial Na+ channel activity in human airway epithelial cells: the role of serum and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase 1
Distribution of 5-ht1E receptors in the mammalian brain and cerebral vasculature: an immunohistochemical and pharmacological study
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Profiling of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase, p38 and JAK inhibitors in the rat adjuvant-induced arthritis model: a translational study
Inhibition of P-glycoprotein enhances transport of imipramine across the blood–brain barrier: microdialysis studies in conscious freely moving rats
D-carnosine octylester attenuates atherosclerosis and renal disease in ApoE null mice fed a Western diet through reduction of carbonyl stress and inflammation
Natural and synthetic modulators of SK (Kca2) potassium channels inhibit magnesium-dependent activity of the kinase-coupled cation channel TRPM7
Pharmacological dissection of Kv7.1 channels in systemic and pulmonary arteries
Luminal cholinergic signalling in airway lining fluid: a novel mechanism for activating chloride secretion via Ca2+-dependent Cl- and K+ channels
Fasitibant chloride, a kinin B2 receptor antagonist, and dexamethasone interact to inhibit carrageenan-induced inflammatory arthritis in rats
FTY720 (fingolimod) increases vascular tone and blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats via inhibition of sphingosine kinase
Characteristics of the actions by which 5-hydroxytryptamine affects electrical and mechanical activities in rabbit jugular vein graft
Nociceptive and pro-inflammatory effects of dimethylallyl pyrophosphate via TRPV4 activation
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NPY controls fear conditioning and fear extinction by combined action on Y1 and Y2 receptors
β–Amyloid exacerbates inflammation in astrocytes lacking fatty acid amide hydrolase through a mechanism involving PPAR-α, PPAR-γ and TRPV1, but not CB1 or CB2 receptors
Does terfenadine-induced ventricular tachycardia/fibrillation directly relate to its QT prolongation and Torsades de Pointes?
A Ca2+-dependent chloride current and Ca2+ influx via Cav1.2 ion channels play major roles in P2Y receptor-mediated pulmonary vasoconstriction