Investigating the molecular mechanisms through which FTY720-P causes persistent S1P1 receptor internalization
Investigation of connexin 43 uncoupling and prolongation of the cardiac QRS complex in preclinical and marketed drugs
A new histone deacetylase inhibitor improves liver fibrosis in BDL rats through suppression of hepatic stellate cells
Roscovitine is a proteostasis regulator that corrects the trafficking defect of F508del-CFTR by a CDK-independent mechanism
Controlling the activation of the Bv8/prokineticin system reduces neuroinflammation and abolishes thermal and tactile hyperalgesia in neuropathic animals
A novel 1,2-benzenediamine derivative FC-99 suppresses TLR3 expression and ameliorates disease symptoms in a mouse model of sepsis
Multiple roles of the PGE2-EP receptor signal in vascular permeability
Pharmacologically distinct phenotypes of α1B-adrenoceptors: variation in binding and functional affinities for antagonists
An in vivo role for Rho kinase activation in the tumour vascular disrupting activity of combretastatin A-4 3- O -phosphate
PKC inhibition results in a Kv1.5 + Kvβ1.3 pharmacology closer to Kv1.5 channels
Lipoxin A4 suppresses the development of endometriosis in an ALX receptor-dependent manner via the p38 MAPK pathway
Evaluation of peripheral versus central effects of GABAB receptor activation using a novel, positive allosteric modulator of the GABAB receptor ADX71943, a pharmacological tool compound with a fully peripheral activity profile
Small-molecule modulators of the OX40–OX40 ligand co-stimulatory protein–protein interaction
(4-[6-(4-isopropoxyphenyl)pyrazolo [1,5-a]pyrimidin-3-yl] quinoline) is a novel inhibitor of autophagy