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PDE7 inhibitor TC3.6 ameliorates symptomatology in a model of primary progressive multiple sclerosis
Endothelin ETA receptor/lipid peroxides/COX-2/TGF-β1 signalling underlies aggravated nephrotoxicity caused by cyclosporine plus indomethacin in rats
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15-Lipoxygenases regulate the production of chemokines in human lung macrophages
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Inter-study variability of preclinical in vivo safety studies and translational exposure–QTc relationships – a PKPD meta-analysis
Pleiotropic, heart rate-independent cardioprotection by ivabradine
MD-2 as the target of a novel small molecule, L6H21, in the attenuation of LPS-induced inflammatory response and sepsis
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Monoglyceride lipase deficiency causes desensitization of intestinal cannabinoid receptor type 1 and increased colonic μ-opioid receptor sensitivity
PKCε phosphorylates α4β2 nicotinic ACh receptors and promotes recovery from desensitization