Issue Information
Pharmacology of cognition : a panacea for neuropsychiatric disease?
Glutamatergic regulation of cognition and functional brain connectivity : insights from pharmacological, genetic and translational schizophrenia research
The pro‐cognitive mechanisms of physical exercise in people with schizophrenia
Translating advances in the molecular basis of schizophrenia into novel cognitive treatment strategies
Cross‐species studies of cognition relevant to drug discovery : a translational approach
Using the affective bias test to predict drug‐induced negative affect : implications for drug safety
Cognitive deficits caused by prefrontal cortical and hippocampal neural disinhibition
Neurosteroid biosynthesis down‐regulation and changes in GABAA receptor subunit composition : a biomarker axis in stress‐induced cognitive and emotional impairment
Cannabidiol regulation of emotion and emotional memory processing : relevance for treating anxiety‐related and substance abuse disorders
Lifestyle use of drugs by healthy people for enhancing cognition, creativity, motivation and pleasure
Predicting QRS and PR interval prolongations in humans using nonclinical data
Inhibition of hyaluronan synthesis attenuates pulmonary hypertension associated with lung fibrosis
Pterostilbene reduces oxidative stress, prevents hypertrophy and preserves systolic function of right ventricle in cor pulmonale model
ATR‐101 inhibits cholesterol efflux and cortisol secretion by ATP‐binding cassette transporters, causing cytotoxic cholesterol accumulation in adrenocortical carcinoma cells
Methoxetamine affects brain processing involved in emotional response in rats
Montelukast reduces inhaled chlorine triggered airway hyperresponsiveness and airway inflammation in the mouse
Central amygdala relaxin‐3/relaxin family peptide receptor 3 signalling modulates alcohol seeking in rats
Ameliorative effect of chlorpromazine hydrochloride on visceral hypersensitivity in rats : possible involvement of 5‐HT2A receptor