Lewy Body Dementia - Diagnosis and Treatment
Psychological Reactions of Victims of Violent Crime
Psychiatric Patients and HIV Infection : A New Population at Risk?
Epidemiology of Presenile Alzheimer's Disease in Scotland (1974-88) : I. Non-Random Geographical Variation
Epidemiology of Presenile Alzheimer's Disease in Scotland (1974-88) : II. Exposures to Possible Risk Factors
Brain Atrophy in Normal Ageing and Alzheimer's Disease : Volumetric Discrimination and Clinical Correlations
Social Factors in Suicide
Media Influence on Parasuicide : A Study of the Effects of a Television Drama Portrayal of Paracetamol Self-Poisoning
Effectiveness of Clozapine in Hospitalised People with Chronic Neuroleptic-Resistant Schizophrenia
Crisis in Admission Beds : A Four-Year Survey of the Bed State of Greater London's Acute Psychiatric Units
Pathways to Care for Patients with a First Episode of Psychosis : A Comparison of Ethnic Groups
Time Trends in the Care-Based Incidence of Schizophrenia
Month of Birth, Hemisphere of Birth and Schizophrenia
Obstetric Complications and Schizophrenia : A Meta-Analysis
Expressed Emotion and the Course of Schizophrenia in Japan
Life Events and Miscarriage
Gender Differences in Parental Psychological Distress Following Perinatal Death or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Psychological Consequences of the Kegworth Air Disaster
Cognitive Functioning with Chronic Fatigue
Cognitive Functioning with Chronic Fatigue
Comorbidity and Suicide Risk
Five Group Comparisons of Treatments for Anxiety Disorders
Homicidal Behaviour and Mental Disorders
Seizure Threshold in Bilateral and Unilateral ECT
Seizure Threshold In Bilateral and Unilateral ECT
Late-life Depressive Disorder
Late-life Depressive Disorder
Keeping Count for the Community
Severe Apathetic Hyperthyroidism with Normal Thyroid Hormone Levels
Antidepressants in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Neuropsychological Function in Manic-depressive Psychosis
Visual Fields in Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome
The Alleged Increase of Insanity
The Falling Shadow
Asylums and After
Insights into Musical History
The Osiris Complex
Churchill's Doctor
How Humans Relate
The Merry-go-round of Sexual Abuse
Kaspar Hauser Syndrome
Sexual Offending Against Children
So Young, So Sad, So Listen
In-Patient Services for Children and Adolescents : Rapid Changes, Frequent Challenges
Muse in Torment
The Compulsion to Create
Synopsis of Psychiatry
Accepting Voices
Counselling and Psychotherapy. A Consumers Guide
Reclaiming the Authentic Self. Dynamic Psychotherapy with Gay Men
Stress, Risk, and Resilience in Children and Adolescents. Processes, Mechanisms and Interventions