Case Management, Care Management and Care Programming
Towards Wholeness
Reasoning and Delusions
Grey Matter Correlates of Syndromes in Schizophrenia
EEG Coherence and Syndromes in Schizophrenia
A Neuropsychological Perspective on Three Schizophrenic Patients with Midline Structural Defects
Conventional Versus Atypical Neuroleptics
Uptake of sup 99m Tc-exametazime Shown by Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography before and after Lithium Withdrawal in Bipolar Patients
Effects of Morning Phototherapy on Circadian Markers in Seasonal Affective Disorder
Treatment, Outcome and Predictors of Response in Elderly Depressed In-patients
Personality Disorder and Suicide
Mental Disorders and Suicide in Northern Ireland
Suicide in Avon
The Bentham Unit
The Bentham Unit
Guilty but Insane
Stress and Psychiatric Disorder in Rural Punjab
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression
Costing Community Care
Impact on Caregivers of the Symptoms of Dementia
Seasonal Variation in Bipolar Disorder
Terminology of Learning Disability
Terminology of Learning Disability
Valproate and Neuroleptic Medication
Genetic Polymorphism and Druginduced Movement Disorders
Demography and Age at Onset of Schizophrenia
Working on the Interface between Primary and Secondary Care
Temporary Insanity
Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors
Social Psychiatry across Cultures
The First Interview - Revised for DSM-IV