Highlights of this issue
Appointed czars, elected presidents and windows of opportunity
Recurrent unipolar depression requires prolonged treatment†
Community care for people with mental disorders in developing countries
How antidepressants work
Prophylactic effect of citalopram in unipolar, recurrent depression
Light therapy for seasonal affective disorder in primary care
Chronic benzodiazepine use in general practice patients with depression: an evaluation of controlled treatment and taper-off
Efficacy and safety of sildenafil citrate in the treatment of men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction
Self-exposure therapy for panic disorder with agoraphobia
Schizophrenia and the frontal lobes
Handedness, language lateralisation and anatomical asymmetry in schizophrenia
Relationship between 5-HT function and impulsivity and aggression in male offenders with personality disorders
Exposure to anaesthetic agents, cognitive functioning and depressive symptomatology in the elderly
Incidence of psychotic disorders in immigrant groups to The Netherlands
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa: relation to psychiatric status and forgiveness among survivors of human rights abuses
Towards a unitary theory of stigmatisation
Towards a unitary theory of stigmatisation
Stigma caused by psychiatrists
Cognitive therapy in schizophrenia
No long-term benefit for cognitive therapy in acute psychosis: a type II error
Seasonal variation in suicides: hidden not vanished
Soviet-style psychiatry is alive and well in the People's Republic
The role of consanguinity in the etiology of epilepsy, hysteria, idiocy, and imbecility
Focus on psychiatry in South Africa
Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence (2nd edn)