Psychiatry in pictures
Highlights of this issue
The Human Rights Act and mental health legislation
Psychiatric genetics in the post-genome age
Neurobiology of addiction and implications for treatment
The relativity of relative risks: disadvantage or opportunity?
Does workplace counselling work?
Ethnic variations in pathways to and use of specialist mental health services in the UK : Systematic review
Migration as a risk factor for schizophrenia: a Danish population-based cohort study
Predicting engagement with services for psychosis: insight, symptoms and recovery style
Impact of comorbid personality disorder on violence in psychosis : Report from the UK700 trial
Dialectical behaviour therapy for women with borderline personality disorder : 12-month, randomised clinical trial in The Netherlands
Mood stabilisers plus risperidone or placebo in the treatment of acute mania : International, double-blind, randomised controlled trial
Status of bipolar disorder research : Bibliometric study
Hospital doctors' management of psychological problems - Mayou & Smith revisited
Flashbacks and post-traumatic stress disorder: the genesis of a 20th-century diagnosis
Influence of cohort effects on patterns of suicide in England and Wales, 1950-1999
Risks of combination neuroleptic treatment
Antipsychotics, HERG and sudden death
Decision-making and euthanasia
More to social capital than Putnam
Retention in psychiatry
Crime in general paralysis
Seasonal affective disorder
The Creation of Psychopharmacology
Every Family in the Land: Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination against People with Mental Illness
Pathologies of the West. An Anthropology of Mental Illness in Europe and America
Defining Psychopathology in the 21st Century. DSM - IV and Beyond
Measuring Mental Health Needs (2nd edn)
Introducing Cognitive Analytic Therapy. Principles and Practice
Confidentiality and Mental Health
Sex Differences in Antisocial Behaviour. Conduct Disorder, Delinquency and Violence in the Dunedin Longitudinal Study
Weathering the Storms. Psychotherapy for Psychosis