Psychiatry in pictures
Highlights of this issue
Entertaining eminence in the British Journal of Psychiatry
Increasing the trust in scientific authorship†
Liaison psychiatry or psychological medicine?
The politics of a new Mental Health Act
Military forensic psychiatry
Psychological debriefing is a waste of time
Pain, anxiety and insomnia - a global perspective on the relief of suffering : Comparative review*
Interface between authorship, industry and science in the domain of therapeutics†
Attendance at the accident and emergency department in the year before suicide: retrospective study
Self-injury attendances in the accident and emergency department : Clinical database study
Suicide and attempted suicide among people of Caribbean origin with psychosis living in the UK
Spontaneous dyskinesia in first-degree relatives of chronically ill, never-treated people with schizophrenia
Institutionalisation and schizophrenia in Japan: social environments and negative symptoms : Nationwide survey of in-patients
Pragmatic evaluation of computer-aided self-help for anxiety and depression
Early intervention service for non-abusing parents of victims of child sexual abuse : Pilot study
The European WHO mental health programme and the World Health Report 2001: input and implications
Flashbacks and PTSD
Flashbacks and PTSD
Flashbacks and PTSD
Flashbacks and PTSD
Flashbacks and PTSD
Human rights and mental health
Slavery and psychiatry
Treatment of common mental disorders in general practice: are current guidelines useless?
Management of borderline personality disorder
Cognitive analytic therapy
Cinders, you shall go to the ball
Insanity from hasheesh (extract) by John Warnock, MD, Medical Director, Egyptian Hospital for the Insane, Cairo
The Speciation of Modern Homo sapiens
Measuring Psychopathology