Psychiatry in pictures
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Does the urban environment cause psychosis?†
International and regional variation in the prevalence of common mental disorders: do we need more surveys?†
Mental health services for adults with learning disabilities
Urbanisation and incidence of psychosis and depression : Follow-up study of 4.4 million women and men in Sweden†
Population prevalence of psychiatric disorders in Chile: 6-month and 1-month rates†
Prognostic value of frontal functional neuroimaging in late-onset severe major depression
Cognitive therapy for command hallucinations: randomised controlled trial
Expressed emotion at first-episode psychosis: investigating a carer appraisal model
Psychosis and academic performance
Longitudinal syndromal and sub-syndromal symptoms after severe depression: 10-year follow-up study
Relapse prevention in bipolar I disorder: 18-month comparison of olanzapine plus mood stabiliser v. mood stabiliser alone
Relapse in schizophrenia: costs, clinical outcomes and quality of life
Unusually persistent complainants
Spontaneous improvement in severe, chronic schizophrenia and its neuropsychological correlates
Psychiatric complications in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) during the acute treatment phase: a series of 10 cases
Understanding violence
Understanding violence
Suicide and sexual orientation
Occupational psychiatry
Globalisation and biculturalism
Humanity and biology in psychiatry
Heroic, not disordered: creativity and mental illness revisited
The case report on the way out?
Is epilepsy a functional disease? [extract],
Focus on psychiatry in India
Neither Bad Nor Mad. The Competing Discourses of Psychiatry, Law and Politics
Madness Explained. Psychosis and Human Nature
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