Psychiatry in pictures
Highlights of this issue
Phenomenology, science and the anthropology of the self: a new model for the aetiology of psychosis
The aetiology of eating disorders*
Association between prenatal exposure to analgesics and risk of schizophrenia
Course of illness in depressive and bipolar disorders : Naturalistic study, 1994-1999
Trends in service use and treatment for mental disorders in adults throughout Great Britain
Factors influencing the development and amelioration of suicidal thoughts in the general population : Cohort study
Homicide and mental illness in New Zealand, 1970-2000
Anxiety and the risk of death in older men and women
Quality of life and function after electroconvulsive therapy
Adapting to the challenge of psychosis: personal resilience and the use of sealing-over (avoidant) coping strategies
Minimal-contact psychotherapy for sub-threshold depression in primary care : Randomised trial
Mental illness and accidental death : Case-control psychological autopsy study
Effects of education and culture on the validity of the Geriatric Mental State and its AGECAT algorithm
Pituitary in psychosis
Pituitary in psychosis
CBT for psychosis
CBT for psychosis
Depression intervention in resource-poor regions
ADHD in developing countries
One hundred years ago
Self-help books on deliberate self-harm
Abnormal: Lectures at the Collège de France 1974-1975
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