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Psychiatry in pictures
NICE, but will they help people with depression? The new National Institute for Clinical Excellence depression guidelines
Current strategies for investigating the genetic and environmental risk factors for affective disorders*
'Psychiatric comorbidity': an artefact of current diagnostic systems?†
Randomised controlled trials relevant to aggressive and violent people, 1955-2000: a survey
Personality and comorbidity of common psychiatric disorders†
Reduced hippocampal volumes and memory loss in patients with early- and late-onset depression
Hypofrontality in men with first-episode psychosis
Neural correlates of syntax production in schizophrenia
Nicotine dependence and symptoms in schizophrenia : Naturalistic study of complex interactions
Escitalopram in the treatment of social anxiety disorder : Randomised, placebo-controlled, flexible-dosage study
Assessing adolescent personality pathology
Suitability and utility of the CORE-OM and CORE-A for assessing severity of presenting problems in psychological therapy services based in primary and secondary care settings
Psychiatric advance directives: qualitative study of informed deliberations by mental health service users
Repeated self-poisoning: increasing severity of self-harm as a predictor of subsequent suicide
Risk of puerperal and non-puerperal recurrence of illness following bipolar affective puerperal (post-partum) psychosis
Suicide by hanging: multicentre study based on coroners' records in England
Cognitive processing in schizophrenia
Cognitive processing in schizophrenia
Early interventions for psychosis
Early interventions for psychosis
Integration of psychiatric and physical health
Quality of life and ECT
Quality of life and ECT
Quality of Life and ECT
One hundred years ago
Autism and Creativity: Is There a Link between Autism in Men and Exceptional Ability?
Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder, Mentalization-based Treatment
Early Intervention for Trauma and Traumatic Loss
Practical Psychiatric Epidemiology
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