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Psychiatry in pictures
The neglect of volition
Essential fatty acids and mental health
Dialectical behaviour therapy in the treatment of borderline personality disorder
Pathways to care and ethnicity. 1: Sample characteristics and compulsory admission
Pathways to care and ethnicity. 2: Source of referral and help-seeking
Help-seeking behaviour in men and women with common mental health problems: cross-sectional study
Negative self-schemas and the onset of depression in women: longitudinal study
Neurological findings in late-onset depressive disorder: comparison of individuals with and without depression
Prospective study of risk factors for attempted suicide among patients with DSM-IV major depressive disorder
The PAS-ADD Checklist: independent replication of its psychometric properties in a community sample
Cognitive-behavioural therapy for refractory psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia resistant to atypical antipsychotic medication
Causal beliefs and attitudes to people with schizophrenia
Assessing psychopathy in the UK: concerns about cross-cultural generalisability
Transference patterns in the psychotherapy of personality disorders: empirical investigation
Predictors of outcome following treatment for chronic fatigue
Occult suicidality in an emergency department population
Partial agonists in schizophrenia
Suicide in prisons
Ethnicity and suicidality
Ethnicity and suicidality
Attention deficit disorder in adults
Risk reduction studies in schizophrenia
Risk reduction studies in schizophrenia
One hundred years ago
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