Highlights of this issue
Psychiatry in pictures
Immigration and schizophrenia: the social causation hypothesis revisited*
The beginning of the end for the Kraepelinian dichotomy
From 'obstetric complications' to a maternal-foetal origin hypothesis of mood disorder
Regional volume deviations of brain structure in schizophrenia and psychotic bipolar disorder
Neuropsychological impairments in people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder and their unaffected relatives
Pathogenesis of schizophrenia: a psychopathological perspective
The Danish National Schizophrenia Project: prospective, comparative longitudinal treatment study of first-episode psychosis
Birth dimensions and risk of depression in adulthood: cohort study of Danish men born in 1953
Care staff training in detection of depression in residential homes for the elderly
Distinctive neurocognitive effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroconvulsive therapy in major depression
Mental health inequalities in Wales, UK: multi-level investigation of the effect of area deprivation
Misdiagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder following severe traumatic brain injury
Psychological investigation of the structure of paranoia in a non-clinical population
Community study of knowledge of and attitude to mental illness in Nigeria
Migration, family dysfunction and psychotic symptoms in children and adolescents
Language lateralisation in schizophrenia
Language lateralisation in schizophrenia
Cognitive-behavioural interventions in schizophrenia
Cognitive-behavioural interventions in schizophrenia
Suicide and antidepressant sales
Suicide and antidepressant sales
Transcranial direct current stimulation
NICE recommendations for valproate treatment are unhelpful
Combating editorial racism
Reading habits of British psychiatrists
One hundred years ago
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