Highlights of this issue
Psychiatry in pictures
Integrating mental health in global initiatives for HIV/AIDS
The role of proteomics in investigating psychiatric disorders
Zero tolerance of violence by users of mental health services: the need for an ethical framework
Schizophrenia and suicide: systematic review of risk factors
Birth weight and psychological distress at age 45-51 years : Results from the Aberdeen Children of the 1950s cohort study
Geographical variation in rates of common mental disorders in Britain: prospective cohort study
Physical health and depressive symptoms in older Europeans : Results from EURODEP
Psychiatric hospitalisation and suicide among the very old in Denmark: population-based register study
Socio-economic inequalities in suicide: a European comparative study
Modafinil modulates anterior cingulate function in chronic schizophrenia
Domestic violence and its mental health correlates in Indian women
Outcomes of crises before and after introduction of a crisis resolution team
Effectiveness of providing self-help information following acute traumatic injury: randomised controlled trial
Autism: functional brain mapping of exceptional calendar capacity
'Bipolarity' in bipolar disorder: distribution of manic and depressive symptoms in a treated population
Left frontal activation
Confounding factors for depression in adults with mild learning disability
Confounding factors for depression in adults with mild learning disability
Prevalence of dementia
Measures for mental health outcomes
Publication of case reports
Publication of case reports
ECT for acute mania
Variations in involuntary commitment in the European Union
Psychiatry in Europe
One hundred years ago
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