Introduction to 'Early psychosis: a bridge to the future'
Predictors of schizophrenia
Neurobiology of early psychosis*
Duration of untreated psychosis and its relationship to clinical outcome*
Pathways to care for first-episode psychosis in an early detection healthcare sector
Effect of an early detection programme on duration of untreated psychosis
Prepsychotic phase of schizophrenia and related disorders: recent progress and future opportunities*
Interventions in the initial prodromal states of psychosis in Germany: concept and recruitment*
Clinical characteristics of first-admitted patients with ICD-10 schizotypal disorder*
Role of distress in delusion formation*
Expressed emotion as an adaptation to loss*
Integrating non-drug treatments in early schizophrenia
Implementing cognitive - behavioural therapy for first-episode psychosis
Rational pharmacotherapy in early psychosis*
Integrated treatment of first-episode psychosis: effect of treatment on family burden
Developing services for first-episode psychosis and the critical period*
Improving 1-year outcome in first-episode psychosis*
Problems with early and very early intervention in psychosis*
Early intervention in psychotic disorders: beyond debate to solving problems
Clinical detection of schizophrenia-prone individuals
Early detection and intervention in psychosis: an ethical paradigm shift*
Early intervention and recovery for young people with early psychosis: consensus statement1*
International clinical practice guidelines for early psychosis