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Melatonin and its agonists : an update
Pros and cons of online cognitive–behavioural therapy
Relationship between gross domestic product and duration of untreated psychosis in low- and middle-income countries
Untitled pictures (date unknown) by Denis Reed (1917–1979) - psychiatry in pictures
Extrapyramidal side-effects of antipsychotics in a randomised trial
Neurotoxic effects of ecstasy on the thalamus
Cognitive markers of short-term clinical outcome in first-episode psychosis
Correlation and familial aggregation of dimensions of psychosis in affected sibling pairs from China
Schizophrenia and offspring's risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes and infant death
Paternal age at birth and high-functioning autistic-spectrum disorder in offspring
Autism - in 100 words
Tobacco smoking as a risk factor for major depressive disorder : population-based study
Psychiatric outcomes 10 years after treatment with antidepressants or anxiolytics
Rapunzel - Poems by doctors
Cognitive–behavioural therapy for health anxiety in a genitourinary medicine clinic : randomised controlled trial
Lost in translation : the biblical classification of personality disorder - Psychiatry in the Old Testament
Serum levels of P-selectin in men with high-functioning autism
Guided self-instructions for people with chronic fatigue syndrome : randomised controlled trial
Dedicated community-based services for adults with personality disorder : Delphi study
One-carbon metabolism and depression
One-carbon metabolism and depression
Risk of harm after psychological intervention
Risk of harm after psychological intervention
Risk of harm after psychological intervention
Textbook of Cultural Psychiatry
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