Highlights of this issue
Why psychiatry can't afford to be neurophobic
Prevention of first-episode depression : progress and potential
Frontotemporal dementia presenting as schizophrenia-like psychosis in young people : clinicopathological series and review of cases
Mental health implications of detaining asylum seekers : systematic review
The Rose and the Key (1871), J. Sheridan LeFanu – psychiatrists in 19th-century fiction
Molecular differentiation of schizoaffective disorder from schizophrenia using BDNF haplotypes
Gender differences in the association between childhood abuse and psychosis
Catatonia – in 100 words
International and indigenous diagnoses of mental disorder among Vietnamese living in Vietnam and Australia
Treated depression in adolescents : predictors of outcome at 28 weeks
Prednisolone suppression test in depression : prospective study of the role of HPA axis dysfunction in treatment resistance
Migraine in recurrent depression : case–control study
Brain serotonin transporter binding in former users of MDMA (‘ecstasy’)
Mortality and tardive dyskinesia : long-term study using the US National Death Index
Watching zee detectives – Psychiatry in the movies
Impact of a mental health teaching programme on adolescents
Anandamide elevation in cerebrospinal fluid in initial prodromal states of psychosis
Using the Stroop task to investigate the neural correlates of symptom change in schizophrenia
Intrauterine testosterone exposure and risk for disordered eating
Psychological autopsy study of suicide in Karachi
Psychological autopsy study of suicide in Karachi
Abortion and mental health
Who Was Sophie? The Lives of my Grandmother, Poet and Stranger
The Psychology of Female Violence : Crimes against the Body
Madness to Mental Illness : A History of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
Legal Aspects of Mental Capacity
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Understanding Psychoanalysis
Prescriptions for the Mind : A Critical View of Contemporary Psychiatry
Metabolic Syndrome and Psychiatric Illness : Interactions, Pathophysiology, Assessment and Treatment
On Speed : The Many Lives of Amphetamine
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