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Should our major classifications of mental disorders be revised?†
Utility of computerised cognitive–behavioural therapy for depression†
Cognitive model of caregiving in psychosis
Ethnic minorities and mental health services
Efficacy and acceptability of mood stabilisers in the treatment of acute bipolar depression
Autism, ethnicity and maternal immigration
Social communication deficits in disruptive primary-school children
Outcomes of occasional cannabis use in adolescence
Duration of untreated illness and outcome in schizophrenia
Burden of chronic physical conditions and mental disorders in primary care
Psalm 38
Economic evaluation of online computerised cognitive–behavioural therapy without support for depression in primary care
Cost-effectiveness of a stepped care intervention to prevent depression and anxiety in late life
Robert Schumann's contribution to the genetics of psychosis
Early intervention in panic
Antipsychotics and borderline personality disorder
Antipsychotics and borderline personality disorder
Sample bias may obscure results
Sample bias may obscure results
The Imprinted Brain
Can the World Afford Autistic Spectrum Disorder? Nonverbal Communication, Asperger Syndrome and the Interbrain
Electroconvulsive and Neuromodulation Therapies
Emergency Department Handbook
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