Highlights of this issue
The ‘continuum of psychosis’
Providing patients with information about treatment choices
Treatment adherence in psychoses†
Combined treatment with cognitive–behavioural therapy in adolescent depression
The first psychiatric hospital in China - psychiatry in pictures
‘What would you do if you were me, doctor?’
Psychosis in the Firdaus al-Hikmat, the first major Arabic medical text - extra
Treatment adherence therapy in people with psychotic disorders
Delirium - 100 words
Cognitive therapy v. usual treatment for borderline personality disorder
Effectiveness of home treatment for elderly people with depression
Sociocultural practices in Ethiopia
Parental help-seeking in primary care for child and adolescent mental health concerns
Neuroanatomical correlates of psychosis in temporal lobe epilepsy
Epidemiology and trends in non-fatal self-harm in three centres in England
Disappearance of Henry Maudsley
Serotonin and the mode of action of electroconvulsive therapy
A care pathway for schizophrenia
A care pathway for schizophrenia
Dilemma over antipsychotic use in dementia
Dilemma over antipsychotic use in dementia
Dilemma over antipsychotic use in dementia
Interventions for self-harm
Interventions for self-harm
Handbook of Service User Involvement in Mental Health Research
Hearing (Our) Voices
The Rise and Fall of the Biopsychosocial Model
From the Editor's desk