Highlights of this issue
Will current socioeconomic trends produce a depressing future for men?
Domestic violence
Will the child with mania please stand up?†
Neurodevelopmental hypothesis of schizophrenia
Contribution and legacy of John Wing, 1923–2010
Pharmacological interventions for people with depression and chronic physical health problems
Barriers and facilitators of disclosures of domestic violence by mental health service users
Prevalence of bipolar disorder in children and adolescents with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder†
Longitudinal neuroimaging correlates of subjective memory impairment
Psychiatric history and subthreshold symptoms as predictors of the occurrence of depressive or anxiety disorder within 2 years
The case of King Saul
Regional brain activation/deactivation during word generation in schizophrenia
Neural activation and radial diffusivity in schizophrenia
Internet-based cognitive–behavioural therapy for severe health anxiety
We all have human rights
Postnatal depression in women after unsuccessful attempted abortion
Income inequality and mental health problems
Income inequality and mental health problems
Omission of evidence about 5-year outcomes
Omission of evidence about 5-year outcomes
The man behind Philippe Pinel
Genius, Grief & Grace
Familicidal Hearts
Medical murder
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