Highlights of this issue
Transforming mental health services†
Detection of bipolar disorder†
The case for early intervention in anorexia nervosa : theoretical exploration of maintaining factors
Scored — poems by doctors
Cross-cultural attitudes to help-seeking among individuals who are suicidal : new perspective for policy-makers†
The four dimensions : a model for the social aetiology of psychosis
Long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy in complex mental disorders : update of a meta-analysis
Mental well-being and mental illness : findings from the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey for England 2007
Childhood sexual abuse and psychosis : data from a cross-sectional national psychiatric survey in England
Letter to Father – extra
Childhood abuse, the BDNF-Val66Met polymorphism and adult psychotic-like experiences
War exposure, 5-HTTLPR genotype and lifetime risk of depression
Melancholia – 100 words
Unrecognised bipolar disorder in primary care patients with depression†
Valproate v. lithium in the treatment of bipolar disorder in clinical practice : observational nationwide register-based cohort study
Treatment of suicidal people around the world†
Impact of crisis resolution and home treatment teams on psychiatric admissions in England†
Predicting the future is a thankless task
Possible source of bias
Art in Madness : Dr W. A. F. Browne's Collection of Patient Art at Crichton Royal Institution, Dumfries
The Madness within Us
Abuse of the Doctor–Patient Relationship
Psychosomatic Medicine : An Introduction to Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
Anxiety Disorders : Theory, Research and Clinical Perspectives
Body Dysmorphic Disorder : A Treatment Manual
Demystifying Psychiatry : A Resource for Patients and Families
Clinical Topics in Cultural Psychiatry
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