Highlights of this issue
Neuroimaging in psychiatry
Psychotic symptoms in young people without psychotic illness
On Magritte's Healer — poem
Research and the elimination of the stigma of mental illness†
Grief as a psychiatric disorder
Impact of ethnic density on adult mental disorders
Bulimia — in 100 words
Bulimia nervosa — in 100 words
Childhood attention problems and socioeconomic status in adulthood
The Adjudicator of Pain — poems by doctors
Clinicopathological significance of psychotic experiences in non-psychotic young people
White matter abnormalities and illness severity in major depressive disorder
Relationship between progression of brain white matter changes and late-life depression
Magnetic resonance imaging in late-life depression
Comparison of neuroleptic malignant syndrome induced by first- and second-generation antipsychotics
Filmed v. live social contact interventions to reduce stigma
Mayer-Gross, Slater and Roth's Clinical Psychiatry — reflection
Psychometric properties of the Mental Health Recovery Star
Effects of emotion perception training on mood in undergraduate students
Tryptophan depletion in addictive behaviours
Tryptophan depletion in addictive behaviours
Encephalitis and schizophrenia
Encephalitis and schizophrenia
Loss of autism in DSM-5
The Department of Health and the Equality Act 2010
Monitoring cardiometabolic risk in schizophrenia
Monitoring cardiometabolic risk in schizophrenia
Monitoring cardiometabolic risk in schizophrenia
Neurobiology of Mental Illness (3rd edn)
A Community-Based Approach to the Reduction of Sexual Reoffending
Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church
When the War Never Ends
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