Highlights of this issue
Perspectives on the Incredible Years programme
Autism spectrum disorder
Adjustment disorder
King Lear by William Shakespeare
Clinical recognition and recording of alcohol disorders by clinicians in primary and secondary care
What do psychiatrists have to offer sports competitors? – 100 words
Reducing child conduct problems and promoting social skills in a middle-income country
Migration and autism spectrum disorder
The extreme male brain revisited
Childhood cognitive function and adult psychopathology
Sexual dysfunction in people with prodromal or first-episode psychosis
Cancer of the Vulva – poems by doctors
Adjustment disorders in primary care
Structure of major depressive disorder in adolescents and adults in the US general population
Effect of antidepressive therapy on retinal contrast processing in depressive disorder
Easy Listening – poem
Is the moon there when nobody looks?
Suicide in Wales
Suicide in Wales
Clinimetrics and psychometrics
Clinimetrics and psychometrics
The Origins of Schizophrenia
Encyclopedia of Adolescence
Autism Spectrum Disorders
A Collaborative Approach to Eating Disorders
Infectious Behavior
Handbook of Mentalizing in Mental Health Practice
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