Highlights of this issue
The price of a drink
Care in the Community — poems by doctors
Long-term consequences of mild traumatic brain injury†
The ‘autoimmune’ mind — extra
The role of the high-risk approach in suicide prevention†
Where are the hypotheses when you need them?†
Effect of exercise on depression severity in older people
Neuropsychological outcomes of mild traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression in Iraq-deployed US Army soldiers†
Effects of home on the mental health of British forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan
Woyzeck by Georg Buchner — in 100 words
Childhood psychosocial adversity and adult cortisol patterns
So This is Death — poem
Cigarette smoking as a risk factor for other substance misuse
Symptomatic remission in psychosis and real-life functioning
Antipsychotics in dementia
Depressive symptoms and pragmatic rehabilitation for chronic fatigue syndrome
Impact of national policy initiatives on fatal and non-fatal self-harm after psychiatric hospital discharge
Morale in the English mental health workforce
Extrapyramidal side-effects and antipsychotics
Extrapyramidal side-effects and antipsychotics
Epidemiological challenges in systematic reviews
The Locked Ward
Infinity Net
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