Highlights of this issue
Hysteria, conversion and functional disorders : a neurological contribution to classification issues
Do conflict-affected societies need psychiatrists?†
Reflections – poem
Psychotic experiences : disadvantaged and different from the norm†
Psychological interventions for difficult-to-treat depression†
Measuring patient-reported outcomes in psychosis : conceptual and methodological review
Political violence and mental health in Nepal : prospective study*,†
Role of current perceived needs in explaining the association between past trauma exposure and distress in humanitarian settings in Jordan and Nepal
Ethnic density as a buffer for psychotic experiences : findings from a national survey (EMPIRIC)†
Association between maladaptive parenting and child self-control over time : cross-lagged study using a monozygotic twin difference design
Mindfulness – in 100 words
Prevalence of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in older adults in The Netherlands
The Patella Hammer – poem
Nicotine dependence and illness severity in schizophrenia
Usage of the Persian word del in psychiatry – extra
Interaction between the BDNF gene Val/66/Met polymorphism and morning cortisol levels as a predictor of depression in adult women
Efficacy of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in relation to prior history of depression : randomised controlled trial†
Is alcohol consumption irrelevant to outcome in anxiety and depression?
Is alcohol consumption irrelevant to outcome in anxiety and depression?
Depression in the workplace : what is depression?
Severe mental illness in prisoners worldwide
Deep China : The Moral Life of the Person
Bad Souls : Madness and Responsibility in Modern Greece
Oxford Textbook of Community Mental Health
Classics of Community Psychiatry : Fifty Years of Public Mental Health Outside the Hospital
Compassion and Healing in Medicine and Society : On the Nature and Use of Attachment Solutions to Separation Challenges
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