Highlights of this issue
Schizophrenia, poor physical health and physical activity
Electricity rendered useful for mental illness
Towards clinically useful neuroimaging in psychiatric practice†
Insomnia — poems by doctors
Running to catch up
Difficulties in implementing supported employment for people with severe mental health problems†
Developing a reporting guideline for social and psychological intervention trials
Treatment for mild cognitive impairment
Daswanth — fallen stars
Pre-school hyperactivity/attention problems and educational outcomes in adolescence
Neurobiological influences on suicide — in 100 words
Employment outcome for people with schizophrenia in rural v. urban China
Comparison of short- and long-term dynamic group psychotherapy
Group-based cognitive-behavioural anger management for people with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities
Mental disorders and risk of accidental death
Anxiety and mortality risk in community-dwelling elderly people
Pattern recognition analysis of anterior cingulate cortex blood flow to classify depression polarity†
Effective suicide prevention measures for teenagers in Japan
Effective suicide prevention measures for teenagers in Japan
Cognitive Impairment in Schizophrenia
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