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Are DSM and logic not on good terms?
Duration of psychotherapy has little association with outcome†
Interventions to improve therapeutic communications between Black and minority ethnic patients and professionals in psychiatric services
Systematic synthesis of barriers and facilitators to service user-led care planning
Effect of duration of psychological therapy on recovery and improvement rates
Romantic suicide – in 100 words
Components of therapy as mechanisms of change in cognitive therapy for people at risk of psychosis
Sara's Wig – poem
Duration of untreated psychosis and need for admission in patients who engage with mental health services in the prodromal phase
Layers of listening
I Must Speak for this Man – poems by doctors
Specific effect of the fragile-X mental retardation-1 gene (FMR1) on white matter microstructure
Training-induced plasticity of the social brain in autism spectrum disorder
Neural substrates of cognitive flexibility in cocaine and gambling addictions
Incision and stress regulation in borderline personality disorder
Transference-focused psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder
Suicide by people in a community justice pathway
Did you add the same study twice in the meta-analysis?
Did you add the same study twice in the meta-analysis?
Schizophrenia and mixed-handedness
Psychiatry in Context
The Paradox of Internet Groups
Care of Military Service Members, Veterans, and their Families
Creativity and Mental Illness
Pathologist of the Mind
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