Highlights of this issue
Alzheimer's disease
Research into hallucinations and psychotic-like symptoms in children
The neuropsychiatric legacy of Anna Freud – psychiatry in pictures
The power of language
‘Hat on, hat off!’ A memorable clinical encounter – extra
Resting vagal activity in schizophrenia
Patient outcomes following discharge from secure psychiatric hospitals
Aetiological overlap between obsessive–compulsive related and anxiety disorder symptoms
Early-life adversity and orbitofrontal and cerebellar volumes in adults with obsessive–compulsive disorder
Effects of the MAOA gene and levels of exposure to violence on antisocial outcomes
Differential effects of ethnic density on the risk of postnatal depression and personality dysfunction
A humbling experience – extra
High prevalence of seasonal affective disorder among persons with severe visual impairment
Six-year longitudinal course and outcomes of subtypes of depression
Acceptance and commitment therapy as a web-based intervention for depressive symptoms
Agomelatine or placebo as adjunctive therapy to a mood stabiliser in bipolar I depression
Functional remediation in bipolar disorder
Adverse childhood experiences and theory of mind
Adverse childhood experiences and theory of mind
Identification, diagnosis and treatment of prosopagnosia
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